Illustrator, Designer,
Visual Storyteller 
from Richmond VA

For about a decade, Jared Boggess has been illustrating articles, making book covers & designing brands. He grew up the son of a preacher and has begun to bring his spiritual background into his love of visual storytelling.

In October of 2018, Jared released his first series of zines reimagining several of the parables told by Jesus. Coinciding with the release, Gallery Edit in Richmond VA displayed the entire collection of work, marking his first solo exhibit.

In March of 2019, his crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo raised 350% above its target goal to finance the printing of his new book, New Stations of the Cross. The book follows the final hours of the life of Jesus as captured in the Gospel of Mark with a brutally honest approach to the images in the ancient iconographic Stations pilgrimage.


He is the founder of Fish Coin Press—a collective of artists creating comics and illustrated books from the literature of the Bible.

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Simon & Schuster

Scientific American

Smithsonian Magazine


Education Week

San Antonio Magazine

SF Weekly

Hippocampus Press


Spectrum 24

Society of Illustrators 59

Society of Illustrators 57

Print’s Hand Drawn 2011

AIGA Richmond GRADE 6

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