The Parables Illustrated

What is “simulacrum”, you ask?

Essentially, it’s another word for “parable”. It’s an image or representation of something.

Lately I've been fascinated with scholarship on Jesus and the parables he used for teaching. These elegant and at times shocking narratives easily blow over modern readers. We either don't grasp their meaning, shrug and move on, or we hear them often enough that our (supposed) familiarity robs the stories of their poignancy.

With this series of illustrated adaptations, created in partnership with Center Church in Richmond VA, I aim to give new life to some of Jesus' most popular parables.

Each week at Center Church, a parable was taught. We then gifted these mini-comics (or zines) to everyone to take back into their daily spiritual practice. Small like the gospel tracts of old, the zines serve as portable icons for contemplation offering visual engagement with the word-picture depicting Jesus' mysterious good news.

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