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illustrator and
art director. 

Jared Boggess is the illustrator for several books including With the Wisdom to Rule, New Stations of the Cross and upcoming The Troubler of Israel. He currently serves as Art Director for Christianity Today’s print magazine and Creative Director of Fish Coin Press.


In addition to an extensive background in design and illustration, he founded Fish Coin Press—a publishing studio that works with artists across the globe to bring academic rigor and visual theology to Bible illustration. As the founder, he has successfully crowdfunded and art directed a variety of projects, including an ongoing series illustrating the entire Bible one book at a time.

Based in Richmond, Virginia, US

Contact for commissions, exhibits & speaking


Do Christians Need an AI Theology?

panel discussion - Hutchmoot, October 2023

How AI Short-circuits Art

article published by Christianity Today, November 2023

Illustration and The Perception of Biblical Literature

artist lecture at Immanuel Bible Church, 2023

Art Direction: How to Cultivate Anticipation

workshop at EPA conference, 2023

Biblical illustration panel discussion

Messiah University, 2022

Illustration and The Perception of Biblical Literature

artist lecture at Hillsdale College, 2021

The Indulgence of Wisdom: Solomon's Folly

artist lecture at Trinity Anglican Church, 2019

Simulacrum: Recovering Faith through Jesus’ Parables

artist lecture and exhibit at Gallery Edit, 2018


American Illustration 40

Spectrum 24

Society of Illustrators 59

Society of Illustrators 57


Christianity Today

Simon & Schuster

Scientific American

Smithsonian Magazine

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